Ever dreamed for endless battles against players from other servers or about big scale PvP? How you have a chance! Visit new PvP zone Pangaea and fight for your life!

NOTE! This is fan-made translation! It may be incorrect and it’s not fully and accurate translated!

Pangaea is a new zone added to Abyss map.
(sorry don’t know Korean good enough to translate history :P)

Structure of Pangaea
New land is divided into 4 separate floating islands. Each island has 1 fortress, 4 bases and 8 artifacts. You can freely move between islands and also it’s possible to fly in Pangaea. It’s mix of aerial and ground combat.

Siege in Pangaea
Sieges in Pangaea take place every Sunday between 23:00 and 24:10 (70 min time frame). It allows only 100 players per camp (4 camps = 400 ppl) to participate in siege on certain fortress (4 fortress overall). Players not only can fight against opposite fraction from theirs own server or other servers, but also against same fraction from other servers.

Pangaea Fortress
Each island is limited only to 400 players during the siege time (100 per camp). Players need to be 65 level and higher to participate. It’s possible to have server vs server fight.

How to participate
10 min before the start of the siege – entrance to Pangaea will show in each fraction Hall of Fame. There are three types of entrance, which is determinated by player’s ranking:

  • 1 spot – for Governor
  • 49 spots – for top 100 players in the ranking (first come first served)
  • 50 spots – for players with the ranking 1-Star Officer and higher (first come first served)

(Note sure if 100 players is limited to whole server or 100 Asmo from server x and 100 Elyos from server x)

Pangaea – no siege time
If your fraction occupy the fortress in Pangaea, players regardless of theirs ranking can join Pangaea (65 lvl+ tho) at any given time from main cities (Sanctum and Pandaemonium). Pangaean monsters drop special items, which you can exchange for some goods. If you go to another island, you can PvP with players from other servers.


Source: [Aion 4.7] Pangaea on Korean PowerBook.

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