Today on Korean Test Servers new Aion 4.0 part 3 “Invasion” update has been implemented. It introduced 5 new instance into the game, new items as well as party voice service, viewing screenshots in-game. And no, Raider class is not yet included…

(Informations are based on fan-made translation and may be mistaken or inaccurate in some parts)


Five new instances have been added.

1. Sauro Supply Base

2. The Impenetrable Bastion (English name unknown)

3. Kamar Battlefield

4. Jorumunganduis (?) Bridge [English name still unknown]

5. Lunas Sanctuary [English name unknown]


1. New design for mythic items have been added in Camp 74 in Northern Katalam.

2. Capabilities of the “Conditioning” has been extended.

3. Way of displaying PvP stats have been changed. Now item stats will display both Physical and Magical PvP Attack / Defence.
(Before / After)

4. “Battlefield” items’ PvP stats have been slightly increased. Also numbers of “Dire Tokens” needed to buy “Battlefield” items have been lowered.

5. Stats of some items obtained in the instance have been changed.


1. New difficult quests have been added in Katalam, which gives eternal accessories as the reward.

2. Dire Tokens quests – difficult has been lowered and at the same time reward as been increased.

3. Quests for the 5 new instances have been added.


1. Rewards and number of players rewarded during Katalam sieges have been changed.


1. Few improvements have been added regarding moving between normal and “Rookie” servers.


1. Party voice service has been added allowing players to use in-game talking feature.

2. Added the option to preview taken screenshots in-game.

And more, which I couldn’t understood.

Source: Aion 4.0 part 3 “Invasion” patch notes on Korean PowerBook.

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