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Since the release of Aion 4.0 part 1 in December 2012 and Part 2 in January 2013, players are impatiently waiting for 3rd Part which is planned to be released at 13th March 2013 on Korean live servers. Soon this update will be release on K-Aion PTS, but meantime Korean developers public first info about the update on theirs 4.0 blog!

Take a look!

(All of the information are based on fan-made translation may be inaccurate or mistaken in some parts!)

The most important information we’ve got from today’s blog post is fact, that Aion 4.0 part 3 will introduce another 5 new instances into the game! Both described today are designed for larger forces 24+ players of 65 level. It will give total number of 11 instanced added in Aion 4.0 expansion (one in part 1, five in part 2 and five in part 3 + one “event” instance)! 🙂

First of new instances is “Sauro Logistic Base” (English name unknown), located near Camp 83 in Southern Katalam. Instance required a lot of concentration, cooperation and quick judgement of the players. Players can chose normal and hard difficult of the instance and rewards depends on the mode you chose. Also last boss difficult depends of how many keys you collect while progressing in the instance (ofc the best items drops from 4th and 5th boss grades).

Players will have 5 min to kill the boss, after this time difficulty is rising sharply and players need to defeat boss within 1,5 min or it will become too strong and wipe entire party. The rewards are mythic grade armours, weapons and accessories, which depends on player Rank (similar system like in Dark Poeta)!

Second instance is called “The Impenetrable Bastion” (English name unknown), located in Souther Katalam. It is designed for force of 24 65-level players and you can describe it as “survive as long as you can” instance as players need to defend themselves against more and more powerful waves of enemies till last boss. After, players points and time is calculated and reward is give accordingly to the score (Abyss Points, New Medals). Also on S Grade, players will receive Eternal/Mythic Equipment Boxes. Instance is available one a week.

Hopefully, I will be able to share more of info about Aion 4.0 Part 3 with you soon! 🙂

Source: First look at Aion 4.0 Part 3 new instances on Aion 4.0 Korean Developers Blog.

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