[K-Aion] Patch 3.5 PTS Patch Notes!

The newest Aion update – patch 3.5 – hit today Korean Test Servers. We are happy to present you (thanks to help of Polish player Cristal) a “general” patch notes of the patch, which will introduce 4 new instances (1 for group, 1 for alliance and 2 pvp arenas), 4 new mounts, new addition to housing system and many more features!

Please, remember this is a “home made” translation from Korean. There can be some mistakes and not everything were translated (just “main” features).


1. Tiamat’s Citadel [no official name in English yet]

  • Type: Group (6-man)
  • Suggested level: 60
  • Reset / Re-entry time: Resets everyday at 9 a.m., no entry quest
  • Entrance: Eye of Tiamaranta

2. ? [no official name in English yet]

  • Type: Alliance (12-man)
  • Suggested level: 60
  • Reset / Re-entry time: 16h, no entry quest
  • Entrance: Eye of Tiamaranta

3. Arena of Cooperation [no official name in English yet]

  • Type: 2vs2vs2
  • Suggested level: 46-50, 51-55, 56-60
  • Reset / Re-entry time: Required an Arena Ticket; Weekdays: 12:00a.m.-2:00p.m., 8:00p.m.-2:00a.m.; Saturday/Sunday: 12:00a.m.-2:00a.m.

4. Arena of Glory [no official name in English yet]

  • Type: Up for 4 players; regardless of race
  • Suggested level: 46-50, 51-55, 56-60
  • Reset / Re-entry time: Required an Arena Ticket; Weekdays: 12:00a.m.-2:00p.m., 8:00p.m.-2:00a.m.; Saturday/Sunday: 12:00a.m.-2:00a.m.


1. Town Growth
In the middle of each village, will be a board from which players can take quests to help theirs village “growth”.

2. Changing exterior village style
Players can also vote, to change all houses’ exterior style for new one.


1. New “Dimensional Vortex” system were added to Theombos and Brusthonin.

  • Dimensional Vortex opens every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 22:00-12:00.
  • Defenders need to destroy generator and close Dimensional Vortex. Defenders can entry zone every 10 min.
  • Attackers’ goal is to reach defenders base. Up to 24 attackers (46+ lvl).


1. Changed scrolls icons – now they show theirs effect.

2. Changed godstone icons – now they show theirs effect.

3. Changed scrolls icons.

4. Now item description indicate how high item can be enchanted.


1. Legion level increased up to Level 8.
legion lvl / upgrade cost / required quests /AP amount required

legion lvl / max members / legion warehouse slots

2. For legion with Lvl 6-8, new legion quests were added. Quests consists several sub-quests and rewards players with “legion coins” accordingly to theirs contribution. Legion members can buy unique items with “legion coins” (for example special mount).


4 new mounts were added.


1. Brusthonin and Theombos were added to Common Server feature. Players can use Adma Stronghold and Theombos Labs same as on “normal” servers.
2. Players can add to friend list and block others while on common servers.


1. Players can add friends when said player is off-line.

2. Players can enable shared block list for all characters on same server.

3. Added new emoticone window.

4. Now re-use timer is displayed on skill icon.

5. Now players can enable personal status in alliance.

6. Flying window was improved.

And many more…

Source: Aion 3.5 PTS Patch Notes on Korean PowerBook.

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  • Fanbio

    like omg this is going to change everyting can not wait for it to hit NA

  • RonaldJ

    It will be interesting to see how the minutes / seconds remaining on skill icon will be for English. In Korean, 분 (minute) 초 (second) is short & simple but will the skill icon have enough space to write out minute in English?

  • Thal

    Nothing skill-related on this patch ?
    where is the soooo waited PVP balance ? we have to wait even more for it ? cause 3.5 is a major update o.o

  • Cpequeño

    Nothing about skills? if you have some info about this please put it on.

  • Reihert


  • Niton

    Czerweic – Presumably they’ll just use the shorthand M for minute and s for second.

  • http://www.aionsea.net indy

    Wow……………so good.

  • Kthxbai

    Minutes and hours will display as (m) or (h) I’m guessing. Too much WoW style, I don’t like that.

    I’m excited for mounts and new instances.

  • Sweetangel

    What about EU ? we are abandoned.. to still 2.7 from months…. !!!!!

  • mrb

    There are rumors on the NA NCsoft Aion forums, that there will be Empyrean Crucible Arena PvP accessories with th new patch. Is this true?


  • Joseph

    What about the purple items mentioned by some players? Mythical items I think it was? Dropped by Tiamat or something. Any new armor that could beat ACD? that’s pretty much my only question thus far

  • yoshimitsu

    is there any way to enter the Korean test server?

  • Emeralden

    Those wings. I must have them.

  • trollol

    When aion NA have 3.5 will aion EU get 3.0..

  • Anonim

    Why Aion EU can not be released only in English first, and later – other languages as patch?

  • PrberTaskle

    Now if only AIon EU would stop being silly and at least release 3.0 english version and add the language barriers later. They’re taking far too long and it’s becoming a little ridiculous

  • shadownova

    Sm need better way to defend them self the shield to easy to be broken, spirit sub cd time way too long, Mind Rapport cd is good but it activation duration need to be longer like sorc Robe of Flame, plus it be cool if sm can fusion with each spirit and gain a move for each element like fire fusion you get a skill like inferno blades attack, earth you get rock shield , wind tempest speed, water gets water orbs attack, each should change the stat of the the sm, and magma and tempest should be magma lord and tempest lord.

  • Durza

    Why can we only use the extendable weapons until we become 63? thats fucking sick :S why farm for weapons you can only use for 3 lvls?! Thats the point for farming for those when they will be useless on 65?

  • Raizy

    Re: Durza
    In 3.5 the max level is still 60, and it will probably take another year for 4.0(when level cap increase to 65), so why complain when you can use it for a year?