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It seems K-Aion again got some fancy looking things.

In the current Starlight event (9th July – 30th July 2014) players can win new weapon skins. How to win them? There is a ranking of TOP 50 players who earned the most GP during the event, updated everyday. Top 50 players will receive boxes with new weapons.

Players gain Glory Points from monsters and PvP in Katalam (fort instances Glory Points are excluded). Also by taking part in Beritra’s Invasion, Agent’s fight and by doing Glory Points quests.

Official event trailer

Here you can see the video made by cristal0

Source: Starlight event on Korean PowerBook.

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Today Aion Korea has officially release Aion 4.7 “Invasion” screenshots and trailer. Check out new video and screenshots of new instances, Beritra’s Invasion and new zones! 🙂

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Check the newest Aion Free-To-Play Trailer – “My Life, My Choice, My Game”!

Do you like it? 🙂

Winter continues so if you would like to enjoy winter sports, it is a perfect opportunity for you! K-Aion recently added new snowboard mount and matching costume! Gliding on the snowy hills of Atreia never was easier than now! 🙂

Official preview of the mount!

Some sreenshots!

Source: Snowboard mount preview on Korean PowerBook and Photo Gallery on Aion Duowan.

Check out new Xmas emotes and costumes added to Korean Shop! Be a stylish Snowman! 🙂

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NCSoft West recently added two new videos of new classses – Gunslinger (Gunner) and Songweaver (Bard), as well as video showing new 4.0 zones – Katalam, Danaria, and the Idian Depths! Enjoy! 🙂