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NCSoft West recently added two new videos of new classses – Gunslinger (Gunner) and Songweaver (Bard), as well as video showing new 4.0 zones – Katalam, Danaria, and the Idian Depths! Enjoy! 🙂

Few moments ago, NCSoft West have released official Aion 4.0 E3 Trailer called “Beritra’s Plot”.

It’s pretty amazing, so enjoy watching!

Today, Aion 4.0 part 1 update went live on Korean servers. K-Aion released this awesome Aion 4.0 trailer video! 😀


Check out official Korean trailer of new skills added in Aion 4.0 part 1 update!

Today we present you trailer video of “Bard/Troubadour” class from Aion 4.0.

Indeed, it looks… different from other classes’ gameplay, don’t you think? 😉

We are happy to share with you, official Korean trailer of “Gunner class, which will be introduced in Aion 4.0 expansion!!! 🙂