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Daeva's Report

Latest news from the world of Atreia!


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Gerha was once the homeland of Tiamat, before she ascended as the Dragon Lord. You can still see some some remaining signs of Tiamat’s presence in this region.
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Are you tired of running to the quest hubs? Would you prefer the possibility of teleporting to certain cities from any location on the map? With the latest update (2nd April 2014), now you can! 🙂

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We have a breaking news for you! Aion NA got a ninja update today and it’s seems our North America colleagues will got new 2nd sub-class for Artist/Muse class! Check full patch notes!

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Today in Korean version of Aion, we got a newest little update. This update contains some new teleport options in Katalam, new hairstyle, changes of some AetherTech weapons/mech and new safe zones near some of Katalam camps!

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With the latest Aion 4.5 update players not only got a new “AetherMech” class, but also new skills for previous classes. Check that was added or changed in your class’ skills!

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After a long time of waiting (after all 4.0.1/4.0.2/4.0.3 were released in Korea in December 2012 / January-March 2013), we finally have an official info about 3rd of new classes planned for the Aion!

It will be called “Aethertech” and basically it’s a tech “mount” your character is using. It is using both short and long-range attacks with rail guns, blades, electric whips, gigantic fists, and even rocket launchers!

Korean PTS of 4.5 will lunch at 29th July 2013 so hopefully we will see more detailed information soon! For now take a look of official trailer and screenshots! 🙂

New region Southern Katalam is filled with new windstreams, so all devotees of wings, flying and gliding will find a new places to spread theirs wings! 🙂

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