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That’s right! Three years ago in August 2009 Daeva’s Report published its first article and began the work to share with community the latest news about Aion! Later in June 2010, we’ve decided to share also information in English for our international fans.

Celebrate with us 3rd Anniversary!

Take part in our anniversary competition and win one of 5 coupon codes, which are worth 10€ each and can be used in Aion EU Shop! How to win it? Nothing simpler! 🙂

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Z radością informujemy, iż w dniu dzisiejszym Deava’s Report rozpoczęło swoją działalność na Facebook’u. Mamy nadzieję, że dzięki temu będziemy mogli jeszcze szybciej dzielić się z Wami najnowszymi informacjami.
Bardzo dziękujemy za Wasze nieustające wsparcie!

We are happy to announce that Daeva’s Report has started its activities on Facebook. We hope that thanks to that, we will be able to share news with you even faster than before!
Thank you for your continued support!

Deava’s Report Facebook page!