New event White Day has just arrived to K-Aion! It will least between 9th of March till 31st of March and Korean players will have opportunity to win a unique costumes “for couples”… πŸ˜‰

Whole event will be divided into 3 “competitions”

  • Survey:
    Between 9th and 31st of March 2011, once per account players will get special survey with unique costume (ofc its appearance change depending of gander of the character and also this costume can’t be traded and put in account warehouse).

  • Theme sceenshots of “couples”:
    Between 9 and 23rd of March, players will be able to submit theirs photos of “couples” (not necessary same gander or race πŸ˜› ). For winners are awaiting IPods, 20 pars of tickets (but don’t ask where πŸ˜› ) and 30 package of “motion cards”.
  • Story about couples
    Via survey between 15th and 31st of March, players will be able to submit theirs short story about two characters (they have to be on same server), later all players will be able to vote for the best story.
    For all players, who chose to write story there will be unique costume and also for all who will vote for winners there will be another unique costume as well.

    Costume for participants
    Costume for voters

Source: White Day 2011 on Korean PowerWiki.