Valentine’s Day is celebrated in every country in the world, not only in western culture. It’s not a surprise then, that Korean players has also Valentine’s Day event in theirs game version (who wouldn’t want to be a someone’s Valentine 😉 ). Korean Valentine’s Day event will last from 10th of February till 16th of March, and will divided into two “parts”.

1. In-game survey
During the event every player with character above 10 level (but once per server!!!) will take part in in-game survey. It will give you two emotes as reward (untradable).
Emote 1 (Play Dead?)

Emote 2 Hold me

2. Find a dead GM and resurrect him.
Only 11 of all Korean’s servers will be selected to participle in event. At 18th of February there will be in-game event with GM. Players task will be to find GM’s corpse and resurrect him so he will give you unique costume as reward (but note on each of 11 servers, will be only 5 GM’s corpse so only 5 players will be rewarded).

Costume 1
Costume 2

3. Event items in A-Style shop.
If you wasn’t able to or didn’t had luck to get event items, don’t worry! You will be able to buy them for real money in A-Style shop! They will be sell in packs or separately.

Source: Valentine’s Day event 2011 on Korean PowerWiki.