Not so long ago in Korea new music event was introduced, this time promoting newly created Korean group “Miss A”. Similarly to first music event with “Wonder Girls”, this time Aion’s players will also receive in-game costumes, new hairstyles and very realistic dance emotes!!!

  • Miss A

    (from the left: Jia, Fei, Min, Suzy)

    “Miss A” is rather “young” group, because girls debut in early July 2010, under wing of JYP Entertainment. Theirs first song “Dashi Sarang (Love Again)” was created for
    “Samsung Anycall” campaign. The true debut was realising song “Bad Girl Good Girl” in early July and later on in September “Breathe“.

  • Miss A and promotion in Aion
    As it was said before, girls have promotion music event in Aion. As well as last time, players can obtain unique costumes, hairstyles and dance emotes, which girls are preforming in theirs music videos.




    Dance emotes:

Source: Miss A music event on Korean PowerWiki.