In the latest patch 2.6, which few days ago hit Korean PTS, new solo instance called “Crucible 2” was introduces. As you can guess, this new instance is “solo version” of added in 2.5 instance Empyrean Crucible. Today we would like to share with you a small guide of this new instance.

1. Basic information.

  • ’Crucible 2’ is a circular stadium like the original Crucible, where players must battle monsters that appear at regular intervals.
  • There is no entry quest for ’Crucible 2’, and players of level 50 or above can enter the dungeon freely.
  • Entrances to ’Crucible 2’ can be found in the following places:
    • Kaisinel Academy and the Marchutan Priory.
    • Kaisinel’s Teleport Statue or Marchutan’s Teleport Statue in Sanctum or Pandaemonium,
    • Crucible Teleporter NPCs in Inggison or Gelkmaros.
  • Crucible 2’ is made up of a stadium where players battle monsters and a waiting room to where defeated players are revived.
  • The re-entry cooldown for ’Crucible 2’ is 22 hours.

2. Gameplay

  • The dungeon consists of six stages, and each stage is made up of one or two rounds. Players face more and more powerful opponents as they progress through the stages.
  • Crucible 2’ is made up of a stadium where players battle monsters and a waiting room to where defeated players are revived.
  • When a player defeats all monsters in a stage, the training for the stage is complete and the player can then proceed to the next stage by talking to the Recordkeeper at the centre of the stadium.
  • Players can stop the training and leave ’Crucible 2’ by pressing the Stop Training button located on the top right of the screen.
  • Unlike in ’Crucible’, if a player dies in ’Crucible 2’ and doesn’t have a Worthiness Ticket in the cube, the training ends and the player is transferred to the waiting room and shown a results screen.
  • Worthiness Tickets disappear when the player exits the instance.
  • Some skills and items are unavailable to players in ’Crucible 2’.

3. Stages
“Crucible 2” as it was said, is divided into 6 stages, each can consist of 1 or 2 rounds. But not only that, some rounds / stages have a two “versions” (with different mobs and rewards) and it’s totally random, which version of x round / stage you will get.

  • Stage 1 = 2 rounds

  • Stage 2 = 1 round (but two versions of it)

  • Stage 3 = 2 rounds (1st round – two versions; 2nd round – one version)

  • Stage 4 = 2 rounds (1st round – two versions; 2nd round – two versions)

  • Stage 5 = 2 rounds (1st round – one version, 2nd round – one version)

  • Stage 6 = 1 round (one version)

  • Hidden stage = 1 round (two versions)
    Player can enter Hidden Stage, after completing a quest in instance 5 times.

4. Rewards
Same as in normal Empyrean Crucible, player accumulate points by completing stages and after finishing instance player is rewarded with some amount of insignias according to points got in instance. These insignias can be later exchange for items just like in normal Empyrean Crucible.
Furthermore, stages rewards players with listed items: stage 1 – self resurrection stone (usable only in instance); stage 2 – pet food for new pet added in 2.6; stage 4 – 250 insignias; hidden stage – random fluxes, random amount of power shards + version 1 – balaur materials, version 2 (“better”) – random new godstone, random gold/platinum medals.

Source: Official English patch notes of Korean 2.6 PTS; Crucible 2 and Crucible 2 Quests on Korean PowerBook.