Beside new pets with patch 2.5, also new functions of pets will be introduced. They not only will carry our items, but also will buff theirs owner if consumable buff wear off and auto-loot items for us!

1. New functions of pets.
[more detailed info: Patch notes 2.5 – Pets]

  • New “Pet Mood” system was introduced. Owner (if they want) can play with theirs pet to increase theirs mood. If pet will have 100% they will give us a gift with coins according to your char’s level. This function is meant to increase interaction with pets.

  • New system of pets automatically buffing theirs owner was introduced. Some pets can buff owner, if current consumable buff (food, drink, scrolls) wear off.

  • New system of pets automatically looting items was introduced. Some pets can auto loot items for theirs owners, but some items (like untradable ones or items which required roll) still have to be looted by player manually.

2. New pets

In 2.5 several new pets was added. They can be acquired in many ways.

  • Daily quests’ tokens.
    • 30 level fraction Alabaster Order (Elyos) / Field Wardens (Asmodian) – price 40 Progress / Ward Tokens. Alarm pet.
    • 40 level fraction Radiant Ops (Elyos) / Blood Crusade (Asmodian) – price 20 Crusader / Radiant Tokens.
    • 50 level fraction Fortuneers (Elyos) / Charlieunerk Daemno’s (Asmodian) – price 20 Fortuneer / Daemon Tokens.
  • For helping low level players (mentor/guide system). Price 20 Arachne’s Mark (Elyos) / Brotherhood’s Mark (Asmodian). Pets are different for Elyos / Asmodians.
    • Elyos
      12-slot pet.
    • Asmodian
      12-slot pet.
  • From pet quest. Red Rabbit, decorative pet.
  • From Academy Bootcamp instance. Price in Academy Insignia.
    540 Academy Insignias. Alarm pet.
    From completing quest in instance. 18-slot pet.
    1080 Academy Insignias. Auto-buffing pet.
    1620 Academy Insignia. Auto-looting pet.
  • From Araka instance. Random drop in treasure box. Auto-buffing pet.

Source: Patch notes 2.5 – Pets, and 2.5 Pets on Aion Inven.