In the patch 2.5 new enchanted system called “Divinity Endowment” is introduced. After the activation of this enchant our items will get additional effect like more dmg per hit for weapons or more critical resistance for armours.

1. Basic informations

  • This new enhancement can only be performed on certain items. There are 2 possible stages of divinity endowment, and some current items will only be enhanceable up to step 1. Although new items have been added that will be enhanceable up to step 2 (mostly new fabled and eternal weapons and armours from Academy Bootcamp instance).
  • When a weapon that has been divinity endowed is used in Armsfusion, the resultant weapon will also be divinity endowed.
  • The item will be imbued with an effect that gives various bonuses when activated. Items will get new additional effect like more dmg per hit or more critical resistance.
  • The divinity endowment effect is consumed during depending battle (attack, defense, and skill use). General attack and defense will consume a small amount. With skill use, more powerful skills will consume more of the divinity endowment.
  • After whole “Divinity Endowment” effect is consumed, it can be recharged again.

2. How to apply “Divinity Endowment” enchant.
The two ways of endowing divinity are by talking to an NPC and by using a divinity endowment item.

  • New NPCs have been placed in the capital cities, at the Reshanta Obelisk for each race, at the Balaurea Obelisks, and in the Academy Bootcamp.
  • Divinity Endowment items are sold by general goods merchant NPCs. First item (green) will cost around 900k, and second / better one (blue) will cost 3,6kk kinah.

  • The price of recharging the divinity endowment will increase with higher Divinity Endowment Steps, Item Grade, and on fused weapons.

Source: Divinity Endowment on Korean PowerWiki and Patch Notes 2.5.