Today, we would like to present you secound of the new instances in 2.5 patch called Araka.

[More more info see also: Armours from Araka and Araka’s weapons ]

Araka Farm produces 50% of Drana in Tiamat’s territory, and plays a vital role in providing stable resources to Tiamat’s army. Surama, a Drakan from a high ranking family, recently took over as Managing Director, and increased production dramatically by switching over from general plants and trees to using Elim as a Drana source. Furthermore, it seems that Surama is power-hungry, and is using his position to perform bio experiments using dragel. We must stop the flow of drana to Tiamat’s Army and end Surama’s plotting.

1. Basic informations

  • There are no quest requirements for Araka; any character of level 50 or above can enter, if they are in a group.
  • This is 6-man instance.
  • Instance has two level of difficulty.
  • Opponents in instance are Balaurs, so you get Abyss Points from killing them.
  • There are hidden treasure boxes in instance, which contains platinum medals and AP artefacts.
  • In order to access Araka, each race must control its own camp’s Balaurea fortress. Upon conquering, a Dimensional Gate will appear beside the special ordnance quartermaster for the Elyos and the fortress quartermaster for the Asmodians.
  • There are four entrances, but (as with Dark Poeta) they all lead to the same instance.
  • The re-entry cooldown for Araka is 22 hours.

2. Gameplay in instance
Player’s task is to destroy structures and supply lines of drana for Tiama’s balaur army. While moving into instance, players will need to use wind streams and other structures so interaction with the environment will be bigger.

3. Quests
Similar to Siel’s weapons, players in instance will have change to acquire item which will start chain quest for gold weapon (type of weapon depends on our char’s class) after double-clicking. Also rewards in quests will be platinum medals and Abyss Points.

4. Loot
In instance, beside AP artefacts and platinum medals, players may get fabled / heroic weapons and armours. Even more, from the hidden treasure boxes, you can get unique pet, which will automatically buff you!

5. Bosses
Because we don’t want to spoil you the fun of finding yourself tactics for bosses in instance, we will just post theirs screenshots. After killing each boss treasure box will spawn, and you can find platinum medals, AP artefacts and gold/blue weapons and armours inside.

Source: Araka instance on Korean PowerWiki.