Yes, that’s right! From today Korean players can test new “Website Broker system” on theirs website PTS (yes, they have PTS for theirs official page as well – not only game servers, where they test new website’s functions). Thanks to this new system, you will be able to browse, compare and buy items from Broken via website and later receive them in-game!

1. Buying on “Web Broker”
While browsing Web Broker you will see similar table / window as normal Broker in-game, also you will be able to compare prices and search for best deal. If you decide to buy something from Web Broker you will be asked to input your PIN to confirm (same is required to purchase from A-Style Shop).

2. Checking status and receiving.
Player can check status of theirs purchases where will be listed info such as: item name, quantity, price per unit and purchase date. purchased items will be send via mails in-game.

3. Purchase errors

  • While being connected to Web Broker, you can’t buy from Broker in-game (or vice versa, I’m not sure 😛 )
  • Slight delay may occur between in-game Broker and Web Broker causing that you will try to buy items that are already sold and you will get error.
  • You have not enough kinah on selected character via which you want to buy items on Web Broker.

This “Web Broker” system is currently under testing and this information may changed.

Source: Web Broker on Korean PowerBook.

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