We all knows, how dangerous and frequent are attempts of hacking and stealing players’ game accounts in every MMO. Some of the developers, not only warn players how to protect theirs accounts, but also introduce various security features in- and out-of-game (for example Blizzard introduced login tokens).

As we found out, NCSoft Korea also tried to secure Aion and at 17th of August 2010, they introduced new option of secure logging your characters with a separate password!

Setting up a password
Entering the wrong password Access to characters locked

This security feature set up password and you will have to enter it every time you want to log in your characters [I’m not sure if you have to type it for every character, even if you are re-logging on your alt for example, or only once in play session – author] or to delete them. You can set up password in your character selection screen and it apply to all your characters on your account.
It was added to prevent hacking and stealing of items / characters / kinah or deleting characters by unauthorized person. To minimize possibility of capturing the password by key-logger, this password is type using virtual keyboard. After entering wrong password 5 times, access to characters will be blocked for 8 hours. An e-mail informing about this fact will be send to owner of the account and blockade can by removed earlier by using Master Account.

To be honest I wouldn’t mind if this feature would be implement in NA/EU version of Aion as well 🙂

Source: Character password on Korean PowerWiki.