In patch 2.0 was added a new interesting system which involves upgrading your weapon with help of quest chain! Your weapon will “progress” from Superior, through Heroic to Fabled quality. These weapons has characteristic design with “blue rose”.

Process of upgrading weapons

  1. Starting the chain – To be able to start quests, player must go to solo instance Taloc’s Hallow and kill boss Queen Mosqua. She randomly drops item, which starts the quest chain. Becouse item she drops may not start chain for our weapon, you will have to kill her server times to get quest you want.
  2. Then with quest, we go to NPC who will exchange out item for one of weapons from Siel’s Supreme serieslist of weapons.
  3. Next stage will lead us to Udas Temple (6-man instance), where we will have to complete repeatable (25 times) quest (for example quest Restoration of Sword) for which we will receive items required to upgrading weapon. After we will get all, we can return items with our Siel’s Supreme weapon (so don’t throw it away!) and will receive weapon from series Noble Siel’s Supremesee list of weapons.
  4. Last stage of chain quest (for example [Group] New Sword) will required going to Beshmundir Temple instance and killing final boss (Rudra) as well as doing side repeatable quests (from which we will get items for upgrading weapon). After we finish this last stage, we will receive weapon form series Siel’s Dominantsee list of weapons.
  5. Enjoy your new Fabled quality weapon! 🙂

Weapons’ models (klick to enlarge)
[note that AionArmory link doesn’t show manastone slots, but waepons have it]

Siel’s Supreme Bow Noble Siel’s Supreme Bow Siel’s Dominant Bow
Siel’s Supreme Dagger Noble Siel’s Supreme Dagger Siel’s Dominant Dagger
Siel’s Supreme Greatsword Noble Siel’s Supreme Greatsword Siel’s Dominant Greatsword
Siel’s Supreme Mace Noble Siel’s Supreme Mace Siel’s Dominant Mace
Siel’s Supreme Orb Noble Siel’s Supreme Orb Siel’s Dominant Orb
Siel’s Supreme Polearm Noble Siel’s Supreme Polearm Siel’s Dominant Polearm
Siel’s Supreme Spellbook Noble Siel’s Supreme Spellbook Siel’s Dominant Spellbook
Siel’s Supreme Staff Noble Siel’s Supreme Staff Siel’s Dominant Staff
Siel’s Supreme Sword Noble Siel’s Supreme Sword Siel’s Dominant Sword

Source: Siel’s weapons serie on Korean PowerWiki.