15th of September 2010 in Korean version of Aion: Assault on Balaurea (known also as patch 2.0) several changes were implemented. Inter alia, these changes contain few facilitates in Udas Temple and Beshmundir Temple instance, new daily quest fraction and new features in AionTweet!

[BE AWARE! This news was written based on info we could get by translating from Korean, so these information may be partly wrong and things may change before NA/EU realise of this update! – author]

1. Changes in Udas Temple and Lower Udas Temple instance

  • Lower the level on which players are able to enter instance from 52 to 51. Also there is no longer need to finish prequest to enter Udas.
  • Amount of mobs in instance was reduced as well as theirs HP.
  • New Fabled quality accessories was added. Every named mob or boss in Udas can drop it.
  • Appearance of Heroic quality set named “Forsaken Temple” was changed. Now they look like “Dragonbound” armour [they have same appearance as Udas’ mobs armours – author]
  • Drop rate of Jotun Vault Key was increased.

2. Changed in Beshmundir Temple instance

  • Amount mobs in instance was reduced as well as theirs HP.
  • Stats of all bosses were reduced.
  • Skills and behaviour of some bosses was changed during encounter.

3. New solo quests to unlock 5th Greater Stigma were introduced.

4. Added new “daily quest fraction” linked with Steel Rake and Dark Poeta.

  • New daily quest can be obtain despite to your current daily quest fraction.
  • You get “tokens” after finishing these quests.
  • These tokens are exchange for items needed / linked with Steel Rake / Dark Poeta quests or for weapons / armours / accessories which look like “Steel Beard Pirate” series.

5. New feature in AionTweet were added.

  • Now you can log in into Tweeter in-game.
  • The option to search and add other users was added.
  • “My Profile” tab was added, you can access it and edit in-game.
  • After klicking on other user name / ID you can see theirs “Profile” panel.

6. Some bugs were fixed.

Source: Aion Update 15.09.2010 on Korean PowerWiki.