And here we have 10 lucky winners of Aion Quiz!!!

Keys go to: Aishwarya, Mika, Gronko, Yariashigaru, Redox, Heirit, Davide, Greutz, Magirock and Ashandarey!!!

Emails with yours keys will be send shortly.

And correct anwsers were:

1. Heimdall or Leah

2. Five Dragon Lords are: Fregion, Meslamtaeda, Ereshkigal, Beritra and Tiamat.

3. Victor Shugo.

4. Lephar, Hellion, Elyos player – since “13th Lord” have never been officially presented, all 3 answers were correct.

5. Mau race.

6. Cliona Lake, Poeta.

We wish to thanks all who participate in competition (we didn’t expects that so many will be interested! 🙂 ) and granulations for all winners!!! 😀