Deep inside one of the lave caves in Tiamaranta, a giant world boss is awaiting for its prey. Or maybe it will become a prey for mighty Daevas..?

Tatar world boss (note, that this “name” is not official translated so it may change in final western release), is located in Tiamaranta zone and its cave is one of the “disputed areas” which means that both Elyos and Asmo may come there and fight each other to win a “right” to kill this boss.

Why would you want to kill this boss and other fraction who would want it as well? Well… mostly because it drops eternal weapons which are TRADEABLE! Yep, that’s right! Maybe they are not “the best” weapons in the game, but they have possibility that some stats will be randomly increased and certainly they have a unique “small Tatar” appearance 😉

BE AWARE! These item stats are translated by “Google Translate” so some stats name and item name may be “wierd”. Here you have some “stat dictionary” 😉

Attack = Attack Speed
Physical Attack = Crit Strike
PvP Damage = PvP Attack
Hit = Accuracy
Damage = Attack
Vitality = HP
Mentality = MP
Magical = Magical Accuracy
Magic Boost = Magic Boost
Magical Crit = Spell Crit
Intensive = Concentration
Avoidance = Evasion


Source: Tatar world boss and Tatar’s world boss drops on Korean PowerBook.

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