Many of you probably remember / noticed scene in Aion 3.0 trailer with “winter weather” and wondered if weather system was added even if patch notes didn’t mention it? It seems that indeed some basic weather / seasons system had been added to at least new housing zones. Beside fact that it will be snowing or flowers will bloom, there will be some monsters and mini-events connected to it!

Just like in real world, we will have 4 seasons in Aion and changing of seasons depends on in-game date.

  • Spring season from March to May
  • Summer season from June to August
  • Autumn season from September to November
  • Winter season from December to February

Areas of appearance of seasonal monsters (specific location is random)

Elian Housing Zone (Elyos)

Pernon Housing Zone (Asmodian)

At the beginning of each in-game month, there is a chance that special seasonal mobs will spawn in Elyos and Asmo housing zone. It seems this will be huge tree creature which players can kill (but we can only hit it with 1 dmg, so it will take long time or many ppl to kill them).

Killing these mobs will rewards players with random drop of “whale mount”, packs of house decorations as well as crystals and leafs needed to quests for eternal wings.
Furthermore if these mobs spawns (it’s random) at specific location (like near some lake ect.) it will also drop additional rare items like eternal quality “leafs” needed to produce “Bike mount” or other aether fragments which can be exchanged for some rewards. As you can see becouse of its rarity, long spawn time of monster and huge demand materials (leafs) needed for Bike vehicle are very expensive…

It seems that, more season-related mini-events will be introduced in near future!

Source: Seasonal monsters on Korean PowerBook.

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