Today, let’s have a closer look at the eternal weapons, which can drop from one of the Tiamaranta’s world boss – Sanayaka [ofc, it’s name may change in final English version!!!]. These weapons have similar appearance to weapons from Rentus Base instance, but this one have “red glow” while Rentus’ have “blue glow” 😛 Also these weapons randomly can have additional bonuses and CAN BE TRADED!

Sanayaka boss – can be found in Eye of Tiamaranta:

Random additional bonuses:

BE AWARE! These item stats are translated by “Google Translate” so some stats name and item name may be “weird”. Here you have some “stat dictionary” 😉

Attack = Attack Speed
Physical Attack = Crit Strike
PvP Damage = PvP Attack
Hit = Accuracy
Damage = Attack
Vitality = HP
Mentality = MP
Magical = Magical Accuracy
Magic Boost = Magic Boost
Magical Crit = Spell Crit
Intensive = Concentration
Avoidance = Evasion


Source: Sanayaka’s eternal weapons on Korean PowerBook.

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