We already wrote about Rentus Base instance and eternal weapons which drops there. Today it’s time to tell more about fabled armor sets which can be find in this instance.

First of all, these are class-specific armours sets (similar to Beshmundir gold sets), which provides bonuses tailored for each class needs – like chain gloves will have version with attack speed for chanters and casting speed for Clerics.

Some parts of the armors are obtained in “normal” way – they simply drop from bosses in Rentus Base instance. But it’s more complicated to get gloves and boots – a special house plant “fora” drops in instance, and you need to “feed it” 700 times (you get fertilizer once a day) but fortunately friends and guests who visit your house can “feed” your plant as well to speed it up. xP

BE AWARE! These item stats are translated by “Google Translate” so some stats name and item name may be “weird”. Here you have some “stat dictionary” 😉
Attack = Attack Speed
Physical Attack = Crit Strike
PvP Damage = PvP Attack
Hit = Accuracy
Damage = Attack
Vitality = HP
Mentality = MP
Magical = Magical Accuracy
Magic Boost = Magic Boost
Magical Crit = Spell Crit
Intensive = Concentration
Avoidance = Evasion
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Cloth set
Leather set
Chain set
Plate set

Hats can be found in treasure boxes inside instance.

Cloth hat
Leather hat
Chain hat
Plate hat

Source: Class-specific fabled armors sets from Rentus Base instance on Korean PowerBook.

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