In Aion 3.0 two new zones will be introduced for players with 55+ levels – Sarpan and Tiamaranta. New “thing” about these zones is fact that there won’t be separate zones for Asmodians or Elyos. According to 3.0 lore, both races were almost wiped out by Tiamat using Siel’s Relic and Reian Tribe came and saved last survivors. Now players of both races will share same zones and cities and beside some “disputed areas” no PvP will be allowed between them.

< Sarpan >

1. Background history
Many humans and Daevas, as well as the members of Siel’s Spear were stranded in Balaurea after the Cataclysm. Cut off from Atreia and outside the Aetheric Field, they wandered their new home, hiding from the violent Balaur, until they arrived at Sarpan. Tiamat had farmed this area for Drana until it became barren, and no longer had any interest in it. For a while, the refugees lived there quietly, adopting Kamar as their stronghold, but eventually incurred Tiamat’s wrath, and were forced to abandon Kamar and go into hiding. A powerful mysterious figure named Kahrun emerged to claim leadership of the Reians. He taught them to use Drana to increase their power, and they took the fight back to the Balaur. In the end, the Reians not only reclaimed Kamar and built a splendid city, but they also drove all the Balaur from Sarpan.

Many dangers still threaten the region: frequent Dredgion infiltrations; threats from Tiamat’s legions trying to reclaim Sarpan; the powerful Sapiens; Tiamat’s energy, which is eroding away the earth; and more.

2. How to go there
Players visiting Sarpan for the first time, will need to finish introducing campaign quest. After completing this quest, there will be a portal located in new zone allowing players to teleport to Elian / Pernon (housing zones), Inggison / Gelkmaros, Sanctum / Pandaemonium.

3. Kamar City
(red = Asmo, blue = Elyos, violet = common)

Main city in Sarpan will be City of Kamar, where Reian Tribe has its main base. It will be available for both races, though Asmodians and Elyos will have separate districts in the city with theirs own NPCs.

4. Map of the region
(white – normal mobs, orange – more powerful mobs, red – elite mobs for groups, blue – disputed areas). In Sarpan will be located 2 disputed areas where players can fight with opposite fraction.

5. Images

< Tiamaranta >

1. Background history
Tiamaranta is the stronghold of Dragon Lord Tiamat. Tiamat manipulated reality in various parts of the region into the Lands of Rift, Gravity, Anger, and Petrification—all to make the perfect conduits for Tiamat’s specialized powers. The heart of each land, where the source of Tiamat’s power is located, is guarded by Tiamat’s retainers.

In the center of the region lies a tremendous castle called the Eye of Tiamaranta, which is connected to Tiamat’s main fortress. While most regions of Tiamaranta, just like Sarpan, have been made neutral by Kahrun’s binding, the Eye of Tiamaranta and the Balaur Legion Garrison are contested areas where Elyos and Asmodians can fight.

2. How to get there
Players can teleport to Tiamarant from Kamar City (they need first to get access to Sarpan zone).

3. Tiamaranta Main Base
(red = Asmo, blue = Elyos, violet = common)

4. Map of the region
(white – normal mobs, orange – more powerful mobs, red – elite mobs for groups, blue – disputed areas). In Tiamaranta will be located 5 disputed areas where players can fight with opposite fraction.

5. Sieges
The new Tiamaranta region contains four capturable locations.

  • They become vulnerable every 3 hours.
  • Whenever a location is vulnerable, a defender will appear, and the attackers must defeat this defender within 30 minutes in order to capture the location.
  • If a defender cannot be defeated within 30 minutes, it disappears and the siege ends.
  • Unlike in existing fortress battles, loot is not provided via the mail; successfully capturing one of these locations will allow players to claim their rewards via a short quest from an NPC that appears after the siege.
  • When a location is owned by a race other than the Balaur, it will switch to Balaur possession 5 minutes before it becomes vulnerable.
  • When a particular race occupies more than 2 of the 4 source areas, a passage into the Eye of Tiamaranta will appear.
  • Occupying a location in Tiamaranta does not affect the race influence ratio.

There are 11 new artifacts in Tiamaranta.

  • Greater Temporal Stones are needed in order to activate these artifacts.

Locations of artifacts and theirs connection with 4 fortresses.

6. Images

Source: Aion 3.0 New Zones on Korean PowerBook and Korean PTS: Initial 3.0 Patch Notes on NA Aion GameGuide.

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