Not so long ago we presented eternal 60 lvl Balic weapons, today we would share with you info about Balic armours added in Aion 3.0! These new crafted items will required 500 skill points and materials are same as current 55 lvl ones.

BE AWARE! These item stats are translated by “Google Translate” so some stats name and item name may be “weird”. Here you have some “stat dictionary” 😉

Attack = Attack Speed
Physical Attack = Crit Strike
PvP Damage = PvP Attack
Hit = Accuracy
Damage = Attack
Vitality = HP
Mentality = MP
Magical = Magical Accuracy
Magic Boost = Magic Boost
Magical Crit = Spell Crit
Intensive = Concentration
Avoidance = Evasion

Cloth set
Leather set
Chain set
Plate set

Source: 60 lvl Balic armors on Korean PowerBook.

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