Today on Korean PTS new 3.0 update will be introduced. It’s not marked as “separate” patch (like 3.1 or smtg) – it’s just rather “fixing/upgrading” patch of 3.0. Here you can check a short (and not complete unfortunately) list of changes.

1. New instance
With this update new Tiamaranta instance will be introduced. It has similar concept to all previous “fortress instances”

  • Instance is available for group of 6 players lvls 55-60, 22h cooldown
  • Entrance is located in Tiamaranta’s fortress
  • Players can chose “normal” or “difficult” version
  • Repetable quests are avaidable inside
  • Before final boss there is a “barrier” – crossing it will activate 10 min timer.
  • From the last boss, players loot “box key”, new stigmas and kinah. Inside boxes AP items and mithril medals can be found.

2. Changes in other instance

  • Sand Lord’s Lair is changed from 24-man instance to 12-man. Boss difficult is changed accordingly.
  • Abyssal Spinter – loot from boxes is accordingly scaled for 60 lvl players.

3) Tiamaranta’s fortress

  • Tiamaranta’s fortresses now will change theirs status 3 times a day at 14:00, 18:00 and 22:00, instead every 3 hour
  • Tiamaranta’s artefacts reuse time is reduced from 5 min to 1 min.

4) Various changes

  • Some “disputed areas” have been changed
  • Difficult of new stigmas slot quest and Daevanion 60 lvl quest chain has been lowered
  • Quest mark on map also shows not only NPC name but also quest name linked with this NPC
  • Enemy “dot” on mini map now shows if enemy is alive or dead
  • Amount of outdoor objects that players can put in theirs house slot is increased (by smallest house to biggest): 4 -> 7, 5 -> 10, 8 -> 14, 12 -> 20.

And many others 🙁

Source: Aion 3.0 18-01-2012 update on Korean PowerBook.