Today Korean fansite were flooded with informations about Aion 3.0 “Promised Lands” (it’s not official English name!!!) update thanks to interview with Koreans developer team during which new 3.0 trailer was showed (not official version yet).
What is awaiting in the future according to this informations?

1. Housing

  • Players with level 21 and higher can buy his/her own house in new “house zone”.
  • First basic house will be obtained by doing quest, later it will be possible to upgrade house.
  • You can put crafting table in the house and on certain level you can add warehouse ect.
  • Player can customize indoor and outdoor appearance of the house – they can chose roof, decorations, elevation, shape and also furnitures, paintings ect.
  • Legion houses will be added.
  • Basic housing information with screenshots (thanks Mercy – NA forum)

2. Gameplay

  • Level cap will be raised to 60.
  • New zones will be added, but they may be “neutral zone”, where Elyos and Asmodians will play side by side without killing each other.
  • For levels 1-40 for all servers there will be one big “common channel” (basically, all chars 1-40 will play together on one map regardless of server they are on).

3. Five (or more) new instances will be added (sorry, couldn’t found out theirs names).

  • Players will be able to face Tiamat, Blaur Dragon Lord in 24-man raid instance!

4. Mounts

  • There will be two kinds of mounts: one which improves players ground movement and flying ones which improves player’s flying movement.
  • Player will need egg (and hatch it?) to obtain mount, also there may be other ways to get mount.

These are first, general information we found out, so they can be wrong or not detailed enough. Please don’t take them as 100% sure or correct!!!!

Source: Aion Duowan and Aion Thisisgame.