Many of us was awaiting this day since they saw “Aion Vision Trailer” (tho remember Aion Vision Trailer IS NOT 3.0, and not all features showed in this video will make it way to live servers at all!). Today, we can eventually said that 3.0 just hit Korean PTS!
What it will bring? What will be changed? Check out!

BE AWARE!!! This is home-made fan translation, it can be wrong, surly it isn’t complete so DON’T treat it as 100% sure facts!!!


  • Level cap is increased up to 60. Because of that, new rank/levels of skills will be added. Also new skills will be added (including one new Greater Stygma).
  • Cap for Magic Boost has be adjusted.
  • Amount of exp needed to level 46-50 has been adjusted. Also exp boost from Energy of Salvation and Energy of Respose between these levels have been adjusted.
  • New type of skill has been added. New type is “recurrent skill” which can be used x times after skill is activated. Number above skill icon indicate how many times skill can be used.

    New “recurrent skills” by class:
  • New skills were added:
    [again, I can’t translate table :/ ]
    Plate class:

    Chain class:

    Leather class:

    Cloth class:
  • Some changes in already existing skills were added.

One of the most key feature is 3.0 is new housing system. Daevas can buy, build and customize theirs houses.

  • Two new house zone have been added – one for Elyos near capital city Sanctum and one for Asmodians near capital city Pandaemonium. Players will have access to new area from ? and Gelkmaros (Asmo) and ? and Inggison (Elyos).
    Elyos housing zone:

    Asmodian housing zone:
  • There will be 5 kinds of houses. Basic one will be obtained from quest and all players above 21 level can get them, more luxury one can be bought from AH or upgraded in other way.

  • Houses on Broker

    More luxury houses can be bought during action, tho character level will determinates if they can participate in auction of certain kind of house. Daevas can buy or sell theirs houses on Broker, auction will be open up to two weeks and after the end highest bid wins.
  • Decorating house

    Daevas can customize and decorate theirs houses! In the right-bottom corner there will be icon to enter “decorating mode”. Both external and internal apperance can be customize. Depending on the house type, there will be limited amount of items that can be put in house.
  • Many different trophies can be placed in house – some can be obtained by doing quests, completing instances, killing monsters / bosses.

  • House objects with special features.
    There will be special type of objects which will have unique features – like wardrobe which has separate slots than your normal warehouse, objects with access to shops ect.
  • Visiting / inviting friends
    Daevas can set up special item, which will create “bound” between his/hers house and friends’ houses. Thanks to that you can visit friends’ houses and invite them to yours.
  • Players can set up permission regarding access to theirs houses.

[New zones]
Two new zones will be added – Sarpan and Tiamaranta [unofficial English names!]

  • Sarpan

  • Tiamaranta

  • “Neutral zones”
    Some regions of Tiamaranta and some regions of existing zones (?) will be flagged and “neutral” – PvP between Elyos and Asmo will be impossible there. Also chat, trade, party invites will be impossible. Dualing will be allow in this areas.
  • Some more changes and fixes to already existing areas.

Six new instances will be added.

  • Athuram’s Aerial Fortress [name unofficial]

    It will be solo instance for players between 55-60 level, 22h cooldown.
  • ???

    It will be group instance (6-man) for players between 55-60 level, with cooldown 6h.
  • Latis Forest & Dorgel Mansion [unofficial name]

    This will be be group instance (12-man) for players between 55-60 levels with cooldown 22h, divided into two parts (similar to Udas Temple and Lower Udas Temple)
  • Lanthus Base [unofficial name]

    It will be group instance (6-man) for players between 58-60 levels with cooldown 22h.
  • ???

    This will be group instance (24-man) for players between 57-60 levels with cooldown 24h.
  • Some more fixes and changed to already existing instances…

[Fortress and sieges]

  • In Tiamaranta, there will be four new fortress and 11 new artefacts. Fortress will change status (siege/no-siege time) every 3 hours.
    (sorry. can’t translate tables :/ )


  • There will be some changes in Arena systems (Arena of Discipline / Chaos). Players will be awarded with some new tokens / insignias based on theirs results: players with places 2-10 (chaos arena) and place 2 (discipline arena) will get these new items, which can be later exchange for some boxes. Some helpful items can be acquired from these boxes to help Daevas on the arenas (10 min cooldown)
  • Opening these new boxes will have a small chance to give player transformation item, which will transform them into special form.

    During this special form, players will be able to use 3 skills:

With the level cap increased to 60 level, new items, crafting items, Abyss items, Arena items, Daevanion items will be added. Also mounts will be added.

  • Mounts

    While raiding a mount, player’s ground or flying speed will be increased, players can talk to NPC. There will be new option to “sprint” using “R” key. Summons will be released when player ride a mount, mount will be cancel when player will enter instance or certain zones. Some mounts (race specific) can be bought in house zone, some can be obtained from instances.
    [More info incoming soon I think]

  • New 60 level Abyssal series were added. Now type of armour you can buy will be limited by player’s class. Regardless of your Abyss Rank you can buy these items, but you can’t use them if you don’t meet requirements (also if player will lose required rank, items become unusable)
  • New kind of medal will be added also fountains now will give players quests to obtain these medals. (?)
  • New 60 level series were added to be bought with Crucible Insignias.
  • New 60 level Daevaion series quest chain is added.
  • Some new enchanting system was been added (sorry, couldn’t understand this part 🙁 )
  • Some more fixes and changes to already existing items.


  • New profession – Carpentry, will be added which will allow players to create furnitures for Daevas’ houses.

    [More info soon will be released I think]
  • Players will be able to pay to abandon some Expert Master crafts they no longer want to have. All learnt designs will be lost. Player can learn new crafting after that.
  • There will be spot in houses to place crafting table. [not sure, if it will boost crafting somehow]
  • New crafting designed will be added, also some of already existing ones will be change or adjusted.

With two new zones and level cap increased to 60, new quests and campaigns were added. Campaign quests in Sarpan will be automatically acquired on 55 level, campaign quest for Tiamaranta will be automatically acquired on 58 level.

  • New “hunting quests” will be added, player who will participate in “hunting” will automatically receive quest, killing monsters will complete quest. [not sure about it!]
  • New daily quest fraction will be added.
  • New work-orders for Carpentry were added.
  • New “crafting fractions” were added, allowing to obtain daily crafting quests.
  • New level 60 Daevaion quest chain has been added.
  • New quests related to players houses were added.
  • New quest for one more Greater Stygma slot was added.
  • New type of “marks” were added and also quests allowing to buy and update (superior -> fabled -> eternal) armours, weapons and accessories were added.
  • New NPCs to exchange daily fraction’s tokens were added.
  • Some more fixes and changes to already existing quests and campaigns.

New “common server” has been added for character between 1-45. Character above 46 level can’t enter.

  • Players between 1-45 level, can move / change “channel” to “common server” via Main Menu.
  • Beside character’s legion name, also server name will be displayed. On “common sever” exp rate is increased by 20%. Abyss Ranks will not be displayed, Abyss Rank list won’t be updated, player can’t add friends / block others while on “common server”.
  • Players who reached level 45 can’t lvl up on further on “common server”. Players can’t trade between character or open private shops. Party loot distribution will be limited, Broker and some limited items selling NPC won’t be available so players can’t buy on Broker ect. Players can’t send / receive items via mail, but sending text mails will be available. Some legion features won’t be available. Mentoring won’t work on “common server”.


  • New option to draw on map has been added. Players can draw on map by clicking on “draw button” on the right-bottom corner of the map. Players can send “drawing” to chat, party chat, legion chat ect. Players can save theirs “drawings”.
  • Maps has been added to instances:
    (table, grrr…)
  • Some changes to transparent map had been added.
  • In the Broker window new categories of items (decorations, furnitures ect.) have been added.
  • Sumed delay time in macros can’t longer 290 sec.
    Macros can’t have
  • And more…


  • New lighting effects have been added to “High quality engine”.
  • Aion 3.0 has 3,5 GB, so to update game client there is required around 7,5 GB.

Source: Aion 3.0 Korean PTS patch notes on Korean PowerBook.

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