Exactly at 25th of November 2010 it will be two years since Aion started in Korea. On this occasion (as well as last year) whole community will celebrate it with “Daeva’s Day”. Also Korean’s servers to celebrate the occasion will have special festival, which will last between 10th of Nov till 8th of Dec 2010!

Festival is similar to well-known summer event “Scorching Heat” – same as in previous one you are rewarded for staying online.

As we already mentioned, this festival is very simple. For every 20 min spent in-game, your character get one ticket (untradable), which later on can be exchanged for various rewards.

  • Location of festival NPCs
    They stand in the middle of each race’s capital city.

  • Exchanging tickets for rewards
    Players gather tickets while logged into game, every character who is logged in for more than 20 min will automatically get 1 “festival ticket”. Next you can exchange them by visiting festival NPC – rewards are differentiated, starting from consumables, via unique weapon’s skins and finishing on festival costumes.

    [This table shows only generalized info about “price” of rewards – Author]

    Accessories and consumables 30 – 100 tickets Random
    Festival costumes + “hats of elements” 200-300 tickets You can chose [?]
    UUnique weapon’s skin 200 tickets You can chose
  • Rewards
    1. Festival accessories.

    2. Festival hats.

    3. Festival costumes (can be dyed)

    4. “Hats of elements”

    5. Unique weapon skins.

Source Deava’s Day – 2nd Anniversary in Korea! on Korean PowerWiki.