Beside Eternal Crucible PvP sets with Conditioning 2, in 2.7 also two other PvP armours will be added. They have worse PvP stats (also they can be enchanted only with Conditioning 1) and theirs cost is accordingly lower. There two new series: eternal PvP set with conditioning 1 and fabled PvP set with conditioning 1. The have VERY similar appearance to Tac Officer’s Divine or Tac NOC’s series, but they differ in the details and colours. Also these two sets differ between each other, but mostly in colour and details on shoulders (eternal one has sash hanging from the shoulder).

Prices of these PvP sets is:

Insignia Chest /
Pants Boots /
Shoulders /
eternal 1 lvl conditioning “normal” 9348 7011 4674
“pvp” 444 311 220
fabled 1 lvl conditioning “normal” 3895 2922 1948
“pvp” 184 138 92

As we said before, eternal version and fabled version differ in colour and details (eternal one has sash hanging from the shoulder). On the left eternal version, on the right fabled.

We present appearance of eternal PvP sets with conditioning 1, fabled as we know is not much different. 😉

Cloth Set
Leather Set
Chain Set
Plate Set

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Source: Eternaln PvP armours na Korean PowerBook.