Today, we would like to present you new Eternal PvP Armours, obtained by participating in new PvP Arenas added in patch 2.7. These armours not only have unique appearance, but also they are nice (and relatively easy) alternative for players who don’t like slow and difficult way to obtain Abyssal gear. Although they have worse PvP stats than current Abyssal gear, they may be “good enough” for people who PvP from time to time.

For more info about PvP items please check: new PvP weapons, new eternal hats and concept arts of new armours.

First of all, let’s check how much we’ll have to pay for these items. If you think they are expensive, then it is good to remember that at the beginning of 2.7 Korean PTS these items were much much more expensive and the price was lowered to 1/3 of previous one (for example weapon cost was lowered from 90k to 28k!!!)

Chest Pants Gloves /
Shoulders / Boots
“Normal Insignia” (from EC, Solo EC, PvP Arenas) 18696 14022 9348 18696
“PvP Insignia” (from PvP Arenas) 1259 944 630 1259

Showed armors are Eternal quality and have Conditioning lvl 2. In the contrary to new PvE items, PvP ones can’t be “upgraded” (coz you got from the beginning the posibility to chose which one you want – you can chose from 3 types: eternal 2 lvl conditioning, eternal 1 lvl conditioning and fabled 1 lvl conditioning so “upgrading” isn’t needed – for PvE EC items “upgrading” is nice option coz then 2.5 was realised you weren’t able to chose 2 lvl Conditioning items which were added two patch later in 2.7). Also these sets come in two versions: one with more magical resistance and one more focusing on physical resistance.

Cloth Set
Leather Set
Chain Set
Plate Set

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Source: Eternaln PvP armours na Korean PowerBook.