Today on Koreans live servers small “fixing patch” will be introduced. Mainly it will focus on main feature of patch 2.7 – Crucible PvP Arenas.

BE AWARE!!! This is basic and incomplete list of changes!!! Also there may be some mistakes in “translation”.

1. Crucible PvP Arens

To prevent unexpected and unwanted “cooperation” of players during PvP Arenas (after all players are meant to fight against everyone, not to be like “I won’t kill x person, coz he is from my legion or I will team with mine legion mate to kill others” ect.) few changes were introduced:

  • During play on PvP Arena, nick of all players will be hidden and they will display as “Trainee x” (x = 1, 2 ect.).
  • Name of the legion above character as well as legion emblem on cloak won’t be displayed.
  • PvP Rank and title of the character either won’t be showed.
  • Full information of the character will be showed in the “score window” after the match.
  • Possibility to whisper and shouts during PvP Arenas is limited.
  • Few bugs on Arenas were fixed.

2. Padmarashka’s Cave:
Few changes of boss AI and instance terrain were introduced.

3. Empyrean Crucible.
Because of differences in difficult between stages 1-6 and 7+, new treasure box with res tickets was introduces for groups starting EC from stage 7 (and skipping stages 1-6 where where players received res tickets).

4. Repeatable quests for Platinum Medals.
Difficult of the quests is reduced (it seems they can be done faster now, but not sure).

5. UI
New options for transparent map.

6. Fix of bugs, NPCs, terrain and in-game PowerBook (it isn’t available in NA/EU version of the game).

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Source: 2.7 Changes 10-08-2011 on Korean PowerBook.