We all know, that guild (variously called in different MMOs – guild, kin, legion) is inseparable part of any MMO and place where players can play together to enjoy PvE and PvP aspects of the game (ofc, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy it while solo playing 😉 ).

Guild, named in Aion Legions, has similar goal to help players play together (for example thanks to common legion chat or legion warehouse). Here we will present few changes, which will be made in legion’s system in patch 2.5.

1. Changes in legion’s system.

  • The maximum legion level is increased from 3 to 5. Three things are required to increase the legion’s level: Kinah, legion members, and contribution points. (The Kinah values shown in the table below may vary a bit, depending on the tax.)
  • The maximum number of allowed legion members and legion warehouses increases as your legion level increases.
  • Legion Titles will be expanded. The three existing titles (Brigade General, Centurion, and Legionary) have been expanded to five titles (Brigade General, Deputy, Centurion, Legionary, New Legionary). The title permissions will be changed – added options for legion warehouse permission and deleted options legion board and board management permissions.

  • Added log features for the legion warehouse. The feature is limited, depending on the character’s permission level for storing or retrieving items and/or Kinah in the legion warehouse. The usage log is available for a maximum of 4 days from the announcement date. The record is deleted after 4 days.

2. Legion’s items.

  • Changed the default legion cloak and added 11 Legion Emblems. Colour and legion emblem on legion cloak was be customizable (you can upload your own image to use it as legion emblem or change colours with RGB palette).
  • New legion’s costumes will be added. It depends on your legion’s level, which one you can buy and use.
    Legion Hat Legion level 4 1,3kk kinah
    Legion Uniform Legion level 4 3,5kk kinah
    Legion Elite Uniform Legion Level 5 11kk kinah


Legion Uniform
Legion Elite Uniform
Legion Hat


Legion Uniform
Legion Elite Uniform
Legion Hat

Sample colours changes:

Source: 2.5 Patch Notes and Legion’s changes on Korean PowerWiki.