Not so long ago, we presented you eternal armours and weapons from instance named Empyrean Crucible (known previously as Academy Bootcamp). By finishing instance or quest related to it, player are rewarded with insignias which later can be exchange for items we want. New type of items were introduced called “Divinity” items – only them can be enchanted with “Divinity Endowment” system.

We have found out that despite of earlier info, there is difference in appearance between items bought by insignias.

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First, we will remind you prices:

Type Quality Amount of Insignias
Divinity (it can be enchanted to “Divinity Endowment”) Eternal Weapon 70110
Armour 46740/35055/23370
Hat 46740
Fabled Weapon 29213
Armour 19475/14608/9738
Hat 19475
General Fabled Weapon 21034
Armour 14024/10517/7013
Hat 14024
Heroic Weapon 2435
Armor 1625/1220/815
Hat 1625
Costumes 4020
Pets 2010/4020/6030

Appearance between Divinity Eternal items and Divinity Fabled, General Fabled / Heroic items is almost the same. It varies in colour of few parts, but it affects final result of dyes. Divinity Eternals has light tone, and rest has dark.

On the right Divinity Eternal items, on the left rest Differences while dyeing

Weapons has whole different appearance.

Divinity Eternal Rest

Here you can check appearance of Divinity Fabled, General Fabled / Heroic items:

Cloth Set
Leather Set
Chain Set
Plate Set

Source: Changes in appearance of Academy Bootcamp items on Korean PowerWiki.