Today we present you, Korean “experiment” with increased 2.1 drop rate in Steel Rake and Abyssal Splinter instance. Check it out, if it will be worthy to do this instances after 2.1!

  • Steel Rake
    Experiment doesn’t count neither gloves nor shoulders of Steel Beard Pirate set, because they can be obtained by making repeatable quests. Instance was done 20 times with killing bosses – Mantutu (Middle), Engineer Lahulahu (Lower), Chief Gunner Koakoa (Upper) oraz Brass-Eye Grogget (Upper).

    [BE WARE!!! In patch 2.1 drops were switched – Golden Eye Mantutu (Middle) drops now boots (instead of pants) and Chief Gunner Koakoa pants (instead boots) – Author]

    As it seems, after 20 runs they get 6 weapons and 18 armors parts. It’s average 1,2 gold per run – not so amazing :/

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  • Abyssal Splinter
    First thing you have to remember about Abyssal Splinter is fact, that bosses doesn’t drop items. After killing each boss 4 treasure boxes will appear (3 small and one big). Boxes contains kinah, medals, pvp items (like crowns) and sometimes Forgotten Abyssal items (armors, weapons, hats). Boxes can be divided into 3 categories: Small Treasue Boxes (3 after killing each boss – they contains pvp items), Ancient Treasure Boxes (12 of them, you have to glide to reach them, contains pvp items) and Treasure Box of the Abyss (1 after each boss, contains pvp items and sometimes Forgotten Abyssal items).

    After 20 runs, they got (depending on which last boss they got) 0-1 hero weapon, 21-25 armor items, 4 weapons, 4-5 hats, 55-59 Platinium Medals and 11-14 Gold Medals. So average 1,45-1,7 gold drop per run.

    • Small Treasure Box:
      4 Platinium Medals
      36900 AP
    • Ancient Treasure Box:
    • Treasure Box of the Abyss (1st boss – Pazuzu the Life Current):
      4 Abyssal Shoulders
      10 Platinium Medals
      1 white item
    • Treasure Box of the Abyss (2nd boss – Kaluva the Fourth Fragment):
      4 Abyssal Gloves
      3 Platinium Medals
      3 Gold Medals
    • Treasure Box of the Abyss (3rd boss – Dayshade):
      5 Abyssal Shoes
      4 Abyssal Pants
      6 Platinium Medals
      2 Gold Medals
      1 white item
    • Treasure Box of the Abyss (4 boss – Yamennes Blindsight [normal]):
      4 Abyssal Weapons
      4 Abyssal Chests
      5 Abyssal Hats
      11 Platinium Medals
      6 Gold Medals
    • Treasure Box of the Abyss (4 boss – Yamennes Painflare [hard]):
      1 Yamennes Weapon (hero)
      4 Abyssal Weapons
      4 Abyssal Chests
      4 Abyssal Hats
      15 Platinium Medals
      9 Gold Medals

Source: Increased Steel Rake drop and Increased Abyssal Splinter drop on Korean PowerWiki.