Because in Aion we can’t yet preview how our armour will dye, we decided to show you short list, thanks to which you will be able to easily check how your armour will look like – so we hope will save you a constant trying and buying expensive dyes and petals and will help you find your favourite colour!

[BE AWARE! All these links will redirect you to Korean page of x set. Because of that, pages can load longer than usually!]

To check how set dyes, click on type of armour which you are interested in. Korean page will load, so scroll it down and you will see armour in every possible colours! You will also see armours in male and female versions.

UPDATE – we adding little Korean-English dictionary, thanks to which you will be able to figured it out, that dye/petal is showed on Korean page 🙂

프레사 꽃잎 Pressa Petal 라즈 꽃잎 Tange Petal
키르쉐 꽃잎 Kirka Petal 룸 꽃잎 Ormea Petal
지트로네 꽃잎 Kukar Petal 캐스탈 꽃잎 Wiki Petal
아펠 꽃잎 Vinne Petal 홈벨 꽃잎 Omblic Petal
메로네 꽃잎 Merone Petal 루니메 꽃잎 Lumine Petal
레오피스 꽃잎 Lopis Petal 오카 꽃잎 Ervio Petal
라이치 꽃잎 Brommel Petal 레파 꽃잎 Meon Petal
Rare Dyes
염색약 : 트루 블랙 Dye: True Black 염색약 : 트루 화이트 Dye: True White
염색약 : 핫 핑크 Dye: Hot Pink 염색약 : 핫 오렌지 Dye: Hot Orange
염색약 : 트루 레드 Dye: True Red 염색약 : 올리브 그린 Dye: Olive Green
염색약 : 머스타드 Dye: Mustard 염색약 : 핫 퍼플 Dye: Rich Purple
염색약 : 딥 블루 Dye: Deep Blue 염색약 : 그린티 Dye: Tea Green



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