[K-Aion] Teaser video of the upcoming update!

Haven’t it been too quiet recently regarding the big content update, don’t you think? NCSoft Korea though so too, that’s why yesterday they released the teaser video called “The beginning of a new story”, showing off Asmodian female without claws and tail. Date states we can expect new patch on 11th November 2015!

On Facebook page, NCSoft announced it will be 7th major game update (5.0 hint hint?) That do you think we can expect for the “new beginning”? They would you like to see?

  • Becka

    I don’t get it. I hope this doesn’t mean our custom asmo colors are going to be removed too! The whole reason I rolled an Asmo was because of their physical differences to the Elyos. What good is an Asmo without a mane and claws?