Gerha was once the homeland of Tiamat, before she ascended as the Dragon Lord. You can still see some some remaining signs of Tiamat’s presence in this region.

Gerha is located south of Tiamaranta and it’s available for all 65 lvl players with the use of teleport in the Katalam. Elyos and Asmodian players have two separate place where they will appear after the teleport.

Gerha also allows players to move to different zones like: Gelkmaros / Inggison and Abyss. Special portals will appear if your fraction is occupying certain bases on the map (most east and most west bases).

Gerha’s structure

As you can see on the map, Gerha doesn’t have any new fortress but instead there are 13 bases. Beside the one on the middle of the map (and the most important), all other bases are divided into 4 groups. The more bases in certain group your race occupy, the more reinforcement NPCs will stationed there. Most west and most east bases allow players to teleport to Inggision/Gelmaros or Abyss. Players will be able to earn Battle Medallions and Ancient Coins.

Also new solo instance (see: [Aion 4.7] New instances ) is located here.

New world bosses fight
It seems that Veille and Masterius hadn’t die from Tiamat wounds and they are safe and sound! Once a month (date not specified) at 23:00, there will be a big fight between. Middle base give significant advantage to the fraction, which occupy it.

Summoning of ancient monsters
In some selected places on Gerha’s map, players can find summoning stones, which allows them to summon ancient monsters to defeat them. Players need special item to summon monsters.

New crafting recipes
Woould you like to look like Gerha’s natives? No problem! They will offer you special armorsmithing (500 skill needed). Asmodians and Elyos have theirs own native race helping them. To craft these items players will need: new kind of ore and rawhide, special materials from mobs and special item from the NPC for certain base.

Screenshots (click to enlarge!)

Source: Gerha on Korean PowerBook and translations made by on his Tumblr blod: Gerha 1 and Gerha 2.

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