New Aion 4.7 patch not only added new lands, items and RvR sieges but also two new instances! Check out!

[Barunad Institute] – official English name may be changed!

Basic information:

  • Type: Solo
  • Level: 65+
  • Entry: Once per day
  • Reset: Daily at 9AM

Location of entrance

Instance consists of 3 layers, each layer is divided into several rooms. Player need to kill named mobs and collect theirs keys to be able to progress. Final boss difficulty is based that kind of key player select to you. Monsters can drop items, which aid players during fight with final boss.


[Luna Auditorium] – official English name may be changed!

Basic information:

  • Type: 6v6 arena (6 per fraction)
  • Level: 61-65
  • Entry: Once per day
  • Entry time: Daily 23:00-24:00

Luna Auditorium is 6v6 PvP arena (6 players per fraction). Time limit of the fight is 20 min. Players can use special items to teleport to various places on the map. Players (similar to Dredgion) need to fight with mobs and opposite team to get points. Fight end (and result is calculated) after killing final boss.


Source: Luna Auditorium and Barunad Institute on Korean PowerBook.

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