Two years ago – on 28th February 2012 – Gameforge took on AION’s European operations and switched the popular MMO to free-to-play. To celebrate this anniversary, they have prepare several mini-events for all European players 😉

Update 4.5

On 9th April 2014 GF will role out of the 4.5 update on the European servers. Included in this is the second specialisation for the Engineer, the Rider. You will be able to travel with him on a powerful mech and teach your enemies the meaning of fear!

Boost events

For the occasion of the anniversary, there’s some great boosts from 26th February to 5th March 2014:

+ 50% AP
+ 50% EP
+ 50% drop chance
– 50% AP loss

In-game event

Treats for all! Between the 3rd and 7th March 2014, the Game Masters will be visiting the servers and presenting you with tasty transformation sweets. Just what will you transform into?

Additional AION Coins

To celebrate our 2nd anniversary, Gameforge ise gifting us additional Coins when topping up our premium currency in the AION shop on the 28th February 2014!

Daeva Special:
Top up between midday and midnight on 28th February and you will receive 35% more AION Coins.

Offer for new shop customers:
Top up for the first time ever between midday and midnight on 28th February and you will receive 50% more AION Coins.

Source: 2 years of AION Free-to-Play on Official Aion EU page.