Today Korean servers will receive a new update! What it will contain? Changes in Katalam pvp quests, some skill changes, some instance changes, but also new Hall of Fame!

(This is fan-made translation, so if can contains mistakes and may be incomplete!)

1. Hall of Fame

Two new locations have been added to honour the most famous among the Daevas! You can find here NPCs who sell a bunch of new costumes, wings and more!

New costumes

New wings

2. Skills

  • Gladiator’s skill “Force Cleave” magical dmg was increased.
  • Assassin’s skill “Blinding Burst” will now apply up to 6-8 enemies.
  • Ranger’s skill “Arrow Deluge” now apply up to 6-8 enemies and its range was been increased from 5 m to 7.
  • Sorcerer’s skill “Ice Sheet” now apply up to 6-8 enemies
  • Cleric’s skill “Memory Loss VII” effect was increased.
  • Gunner’s skill “Mind Manipulation IV” effect was increased.
  • Bard’s skill “Magic Boost Mode” was another boost added beside current boost.
  • More changes in Raider’s skills.

3. Quests
Number of Battle Marks obtained from Katalam PvP quests was been increased.

4. Items

  • Amount of Supplements needed to increasing the manastone socketing rate, were changed.
  • Battle Mark gear is now available to be “packaged” (?)
  • Problem with the “Greater Stigma Package” (that one of the Raider’s stigmas couldn’t be obtained from it) was been fixed.

5. Instances

  • AP rewards in Katalam Battlefield and Eternal Battlefield have been increased.
  • In the Inner Upper Abyss Fort instances, players can obtain “Box of Antiquities”, which contains Relics and Ancient Relics.

6. Divine Power

New system has been added

  • If it is successful applied it increased a PvP stats (by little bit). You can apply it to the accessories, but items need to be above level 50. Not all items can be enchanted this way.
  • You can get this item from the boss chest in certains instances (like Fire Temple, Adma Stronghold, Theobomos Lab, Dark Poeta, Draupnir Cave, Beshmunidr Temple Hard, Rentus Base, Tiamat Fortress, Suro Supply Base, ect.). Everyone in the party got one from the box.

And more…

Source: Aion 4.5 Update 4th Nov 2013 on Korean PowerBook. Images of new costumes and wings thanks to

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