Have you ever wanted to ride a tank in Aion (except of Rentus Base)? With Aion 4.5 you can ride a tank in Abyss and participate in sieges! Want to try conquering fortress with a tank?! 😀

So how to get a tank for a siege?

First of all, you have to occupy an Artifact to be able to use a tank station.

When you conquered the Artifact new corresponding towers will active and you have find tanks where.

Players can board two kinds of tanks

  • Tanks required fuel and ammunition to run and shot (can be crafted)
  • Tanks can be used for 1h, if you got killed it will disappear
  • Tanks speed is 7.0, but they can’t fly or jump
  • Tanks are using theirs own unique skills

1) Singel target attack, cast time instant , cooldown 1 sec

2) AoE attack up to 12 enemies, cast time 3 sec, cooldown 10 sec

3) Stuns enemy tank within 20 m range and kick players out of the tank, cast time 3 sec, cooldown 10 min

4) Take off from the tank

Also in the Abyss, players can buy designs to craft fuel and ammo for the tanks. Designs are bought with Abyss Points.

Source: Tank stations in Abyss on Korean PowerBook.

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