In the latest Aion 4.5 update, new PvP ranking system was introduced – Honor Points system! That does this system change? Basically, it “force” high ranking players (1-Star Officers + ) to be active, otherwise they will lose theirs Honor Points (and rank) everyday! No more “farming a millions of AP and staying lazy” 😉

Then this new system went live on Korean 4.5 PTS all current Abyss Points and ranks were calculated again. The more AP you owned, the more Honor Points you got (AP items stored in the bank/inventory weren’t calculated so you must exchange them before this change goes live on normal servers if you want to have a higher rank).

Players who are below level 50 or have less than 30,000 AP didn’t receive Honor Points.

After the change every player will have two systems to calculated Abyss Ranks.

  • Soldiers Rank 9 to 1 are still calculated based on Abyss Points (these ranks do not own Honor Points)
  • Officers 1-Start to Army Governor are calculated based on Honor Points (they still own Abyss Points but they are not the base to calculate 1-Officer + ranks any more)

How to obtain Honor Points

  • Sieges – in Katalam / Danaria (win +100-300 points, lose +50-150 points), Upper Abyss (win +100-200 points, lose +50-100 points)
  • PvP Instances – Ophidan Battleground 6vs6 (up to 50 points), Kamar Battlefield 12vs12 (up to 50 points), Eternal Battlefield 24vs24 (win 150 points + 50/20 points from quests)
  • Arena of Glory – (up to 300 points)
  • Instances – Killing Hyperion in Infinity Shard (600 points, divided for all 12 players sp 50 each).
  • Quests – Blood Marks daily (3 points each) and weekly quests (100 points)

How many Honor Points you lose

  • Players don’t lose Honor Points, if they are killed by other player or monster.
  • Players lose Honor Points automatically everyday – The higher is your rank (Officer 1-Star + ) the more Honor Points you lose everyday (so players need to be active to not lose theirs ranks).
  • Players with Rank 9-1, don’t lose Honor Points (coz they have none) and also theirs lose of Abyss Points while being killed by other player was decreased.
  • Buying Abyss items only decrease your Abyss Points, not Honor Points.

Rank Amount of Honor Points lost per day
Army Governor 498
Army Commander 358
Army Great General 344
Army General 335
Army 5-Star Officer 300
Army 4-Star Officer 102
Army 3-Star Officer 62
Army 2-Star Officer 32
Army 1-Star Officer 17

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