NCSoft Japan will release Aion 4.0 update on theirs server on 30th April 2013. To celebrate this, they plan to release a special exclusive physical game box!

Many thanks for Cinderboy from MMO Culture site for the news 🙂

This exclusive physical box will contains:

  • DvDs with Aion 4.0 client
  • exclusive collectable Aion 4.0 card
  • code for in-game weapon
  • Aion 4.0 Original Soundtrack CD with a stand

Box will cost around 80 USD and will be available via several online stores like Amazon.

[click to enlarge]
Box cover


Orginal Soundtrack with stand

Would you be willing to buy such physical box? 😉

Source: Aion 4.0 – Japan server pushes out exclusive physical pack on and Release of “New Wings” Episode 4.0 pack on Official Aion Japan website.

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