Between 20th March and 3rd April 2013, Korean players will be able to take part in new event – Sweet Confession! Players will be able to obtain a sweet cat costumes, godstones, manastones, medals and more!

That players need to take part in the event? First of all you need to obtain special event items:

  • Sweet Powder can be obtained by staying logged in for one hour, players between 21-45 can get up to 3 per day, 46-65 players can get up to 6 per day. Also players can get Sweet Powder in the certain instances.
  • Sweet Potion can be obtained though daily PvP event quests. Player can get up to 10 Sweet Potions per quest.
  • Players need to combine Sweet Powder and Sweet Potion to create Sweet Confession Box!

While opening Sweet Confession Boxes players can get at random: some “useful” consumables or Gift Package.
From the Gift Package, you can get various items: new unique wings, cat costume, godstones, composite and ancient manastones, various medals and coins or new hair dyes!

List of the rewards:

New wings:

Sweet cat costumes:

Source: Sweet Confession event on Korean PowerBook.

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