Few days ago Korean developers shared first information about Aion 4.0 part 3 on theirs blog (see: [Aion 4.0 Part 3] First look at new instances! ). Today I’d like to share a basic info about additional 3 new instances which will be introduced in Part 3 (as you remember Part 3 will add 5 new instances and two of them was already described in previous preview).

(All of the information are based on fan-made translation may be inaccurate or mistaken in some parts!)

Jorumunganduis (?) Bridge [English name still unknown]
This is mini-game instance specially designed for the fast encounter. Players’ objective is to destroy Balaur’s ultimate weapon before it will lunch an assault. Rewards in this instances are boss’ boxes, Medals, special crafting materials, AP Relics.

Lunas Sanctuary [English name still unknown]
Party members will be be separated and start instance in the different starting points. Instance difficult is relative simple and the goal is to meet each other in final boss room and defeat it.

Kamar Battlefield is 12vs12 battlefield for 24 players, which take place in the urban scenery of Reian’s capital – Kamar. Each team starts in theirs own base and have to move quickly to conquer a strategic points all over the map. Players in the same team will need to coordinate theirs movements to stay together or split into smaller groups to achieve various goals. Players will also need to take care of the Balaur NPCs, which gives points.

Source: Another 3 new instances from Aion 4.0 part 3 on Korean developers blog.

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