[Po polsku!]

Have you ever wander what to do with low level enchantment stones or how to get higher level ones? In the latest Aion 4.0 update it won’t be a problem any more! New synthesis of enchantment stones will be introduced allowing you to combine two enchantment stones to get – luckily – better one! 🙂

1. Basic information

  • Synthesis tool allows to combine two enchantment stone and get better one, but there is risk involve.
  • Synthesis tool is cheap and can be bought from General Goods vendor.

2. How to use

  • Player right-click or double-click on synthesis tool to use it.
  • You need to select two enchantment stones you have in inventory (it is allowed to combine same level enchantment stones for example lvl 95).
  • Confirmation window will appear. Confirming will combine two enchatment stones into one.
  • Synthesis has 100% rate to be done (you can’t “fail” combined enchantment stone), tho the combined stone level is random and you can obtain better or or if unlucky worse one than the ones used in synthesis…

Good luck, Daevas! 🙂

Source: Synthesis tool on Korean PowerBook.

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