[Po polsku]

In the latest Korean update Aion 3.5 few new features were added to the legion system – for example: increased legion level, new legion quests and items (including mounts!).

We are happy to share with you information about 3.5 legion features and also exclusive images we got from Aksi of Official Russian Aion Forum. Enjoy! 🙂

1. Legion level increased up to Level 8.
legion lvl / upgrade cost / required quests /AP amount required

legion lvl / max members / legion warehouse slots

2. For legion with Lvl 5-8, new legion quests were added. Quests consists several sub-quests and rewards players with “legion coins” accordingly to theirs contribution.

3. Members of Legion lvl 6+ can buy unique items with “legion coins”:

(for example wings and legion mounts costs 364 legion each)


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Source: Korean PowerBook and Official Russian page.

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