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Daeva's Report

Latest news from the world of Atreia!

Enjoy official poster of upcoming 7th major K-Aion update. Patch is planed to be released on 11th November 2015 in Korea and will probably include the appearance changes of Asmodian race.

Haven’t it been too quiet recently regarding the big content update, don’t you think? NCSoft Korea though so too, that’s why yesterday they released the teaser video called “The beginning of a new story”, showing off Asmodian female without claws and tail. Date states we can expect new patch on 11th November 2015!

On Facebook page, NCSoft announced it will be 7th major game update (5.0 hint hint?) That do you think we can expect for the “new beginning”? They would you like to see?

NCSoft West has recently published a video previews of the new zones from “Upheaval” update!
Do not miss videos about these beautiful zones!

Source: Aion NA Upheaval page.

Recently Aion NA has shared the small preview of some incoming changes in the Skill UI. Take a look!

In Steel Cavalry, skill books were eliminated, making training easier and faster for Daevas. In Upheaval, the improvements continue: we are updating the Skill window interface and streamlining all class skills.




As you level up, some of your skills level up too. In Upheaval, when a skill levels up, previous level versions of the skill will no longer clutter your skill window. It will continue to level up automatically and the highest level of the skill will update on your skill bar, if you have it placed there.

Want to use a lower level of skill? Never fear! Each skill level can be adjusted in the skill Details window. With the slider, you can adjust the skill to a lower level and set it on your skill bar should you chose so. With this new interface, you can even preview the higher-level version of the skill too if you haven’t reached the required level yet! It’s a great way to see what you’ll soon be getting.

Now that low-level skills will no longer appear in the skill window, you can view unacquired skills instead by checking the box at the bottom of the window. It will list all skills available to your class including Stigma skills. Skills you do not currently possess will appear greyed out.

As you may have noticed, the Skill window is solely for class skills now. By clicking the Function button on the Skill window or Shift-K as the default hotkey, you will pull up the other character functionalities like actions, sign, craft skills and emotes.

Skill Changes by Class

In Aion: Upheaval skills are changing for all classes. Many improvements will be made, including adjustments to cooldowns and MP costs, consolidating redundant skills, and removing subpar ones. Look for more detailed information on this as the release of Aion: Upheaval draws closer.

Source: Aion: Upheaval Skill Change Preview on Aion NA main page.

Check out videos about two new mounts from Aion NA upcoming patch “Upheaval” (4.8)! Here they come: Afterburner Mount and Clucklich Mount! 🙂

Enjoy Episode 3 of AskAion, where Product Director of Aion EU is answering recent players questions!

Check out two awesome new wallpapers Aion 4.8 “The New World”! Enjoy!

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Source: Official wallpapers on Korean PowerBook.